Why We Start with a Branding Questionnaire

Your brand is what your audience perceives it to be.

When our clients approach us to create a new brand, we always start with a branding questionnaire. Why’s that? Isn’t a brand just a logo? Can’t a client just say “I want a font and these 2 colors.” Not exactly.

Know Thyself

Our branding questionnaire is all about discovering the true vision of your brand and making sure we protect and speak to that vision. We want to help you capture your brand identity. To do this, we aim to clearly understand your ideas and vision. We ask all of our clients to complete the questionnaire, making sure answers are honest and direct. (If some questions are too hard to answer, we tell them to skip over them.)  

Our branding questionnaire may reveal a vibrant identity, or it can illuminate problems — like a lack of focus. No matter what the outcome, answering our questions helps you gain a clear understanding of what you’re looking for, defines your brand, and enables us to bring your project from concept to completion.

If you work with others, we recommend completing this questionnaire alone first then as a group. When you’re satisfied the questionnaire clearly describes your branding ideas, email it to info@woostercreative.com. After we review it thoroughly,  we’ll contact you to discuss creating a unique solution tailored specifically for your vision, your business, and most importantly — your customers’ needs.

What Makes a Good Brand?

A good brand communicates a clear message about what your company or organization stands for and how you’re are different from your competitors.

A brand is not simply the logo, nor the visual identity. A brand is not the product, the slogan or the advertising campaign. A brand is not even controlled by the company behind it. Rather, a brand is a collection of perceptions that reside in the mind of the customer. It is the initial feeling a customer has about you or your company.

Your job is to cultivate, guard, and maintain a strong brand – the rewards of which are consistently loyal customers and a continual increase in customer preference.

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