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As we continue to work with more and more firms to develop and manage their content marketing strategies, we continue to find to the single most difficult part of sustaining a content plan over time for clients: actually writing the articles.

We’ve struggled to figure out how to best help our clients with this important task. One of the best ways for your content to resonate with your prospects is for you — the expert — to be the one delivering the expertise.

But does that mean that you — the expert — need to be writing all of the articles? Not necessarily.  In fact, we’ve developed a solution that will connect with your audiences and seriously relieve the burden of writing for your content plan.

Our content development services:

  • Are interview-based and require just 1 hour of your time each month
  • Allow you to be in complete control of the messaging that gets delivered to your audiences
  • Ensure you’ll reach our recommended benchmark of publishing at least 1,000 – 3,000 words of indexable, expert content to your website each month
  • This service is for experts who have a strong perspective to share but lack the time to market that expertise well.

If this sounds valuable to you, we’d love to talk.

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