Bat Control Specialists

Created a new brand + website for humane bat control.

Project Overview

In 2021, the founder behind the Bat Control Specialists approached us to create a new brand identity for his company. This meant creating a customized logo, apparel, and website to promote a new humane bat control company in the New York area.


  • Strategy Consulting
  • New identity branding
  • Apparel design
  • Website design
  • WordPress custom development
  • Search Engine Optimization


Create new brand identity and web presence for The Bat Control Specialist to engage new customers, communicate services, and grow their business.


  • Content Strategy
  • SEO Keyword Research
  • Wireframes
  • UX Design
  • Branding Identify
  • New Logo Design
  • Copywriting
  • Website Design
  • WordPress Custom Theme
  • SEO Optimization
  • Ongoing Support
  • Email Marketing

The Challenge

When there’s a bat in the house, most people are terrified. When there’s a swarm of bats, many jump to the conclusion they need to do “whatever it takes” to get them gone. The message behind the Bat Control Specialists is to calmly and responsibly REHOME bats. This shows respect for bats, and it gives homeowners peace of mind knowing they have no unwanted guests.

The new brand identity for the Bat Control Specialists needed to reflect friendliness, warmth, and the calm control this team brings to an (often panic-filled) situation.

Our Approach

We approached the brand research to identify colors that inspired confidence, warmth, humor and a sense of security. Also, bats are treated with great respect by this company — so the graphics and art direction avoided portraying bats as frightening.

okc website designer
branding and identity visuals for brand
website photo stules for the Bat Control Specialists
web photo styles and branding
branding and logo mockups and variations forthe Bat Control Specialists
badge design for the Bat Control Specialist
font and icon design for the Bat Control Specialist
branding on business car for the Bat Control Specialist
web design mockup for mobile for. the Bat Control Specialists
business card mockup for the Bat Control Specialist

SEO-Focused Website Design

To build an effective website, we worked through our process of content strategy to identify what information needs to be clearly communicated. This involved a deep dive into what types of content users need when they come to the website. What articles do they want to read? What doubts or questions do they have about using the company? After addressing these, we’re able to proactively communicate with website visitors.

web design screenshot of the About page on Bat Control Specialist

With a solid content strategy in hand, we next performed SEO research to identify the most competitive keywords and phrases in the client’s industry. These keywords were used in site development and on-page copywriting. The goals of the website are accomplished with careful planning — much of the strategy happens long before any design starts.

web design mockups for the Bat Control Specialist

The Results

We created a stunning mobile responsive website that showcases the Bat Control Specialists’ design online. The new site is a clean WordPress theme and is SEO optimized. The site loads quickly and gets great speed test results in search engines.

web design for Bat Control Webite

Custom Theme

To ensure the new website would load quickly — and be a great experience on the backend for management —we created a custom WordPress theme. This provides a great backend experience for management and allowed for extensive custom development requests from the client.


  • Custom WordPress Theme
  • Ongoing WordPress Support
  • Fast-loading, compressed imagery
  • SEO optimized website

Wooster Creative helped me avoid pitfalls and designed a brand relevant to my market

I am very grateful to Ben and Violette at Wooster Creative for creating my brand and designing and implementing our website. They patiently helped me work through what I wanted our brand and site to look like. They offered great insights that helped us avoid some pitfalls and make our site more relevant to our market. At every step of the process I felt that I was listened to and was given clear explanations. I appreciate that they didn’t just churn out a product, but helped me understand it and be up to the task of updating content on the site and to improve its reach for search engines. We are getting compliments all the time from new customers about our website.

Ian Mitchell

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