Marily’s Mexican Food

Rebrand for a modern Mexican Restaurant

Project Overview

We rebranded this delicious Oklahoma Mexican restaurant to have a modern face to match their innovative food.


  • Strategy Consulting
  • New identity branding
  • Menu Design
  • Food Photography


Create new brand identity to help Marily’s Mexican grown business in Oklahoma.


  • Brand Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Branding + Logo
  • Menu + Signage

The Challenge

Marily’s Mexican is a wonderful, chef-owned Mexican restaurant in Oklahoma. However, the largest problem for continued growth was poor branding, obscure signage, and a hard-to-read menu. In fact, the menu was a large board that (while easy to update) was tough to even see clearly.

Original menu at Marily’s Mexican Food

Our Approach

We approached the brand redesign with interviews with the owner to understand the core essence of the brand is. Through discussions, we came to understand the true messaging the brand needed to communicate. This helped us to guide the art direction for the logo and color selection.

We also took time to look at modern trends in the restaurant industry. Based on research, we selected a color palette that was old-world (a nod to the history of Marily’s Mexican) but also contained a warm, artisan vibe.


Content Strategy for Menu Design

Anyone can make a menu in a few hours. But making a menu that really communicates a vast amount of information quickly — and in two languages — is a huge challenge.

To help clarify the ordering process, we created icons that show customers visually what types of options come in their meals.

For typography, we knew the menu would be chock full of print, but need to be viewable from far away. The final menu is clear with an easy-to-read vintage block print. (Yes, you can even read it 12 feet away.) The font is a nod to the nostalgic, vintage style that Marily’s Mexican wanted to communicate. It helps customers process a vast array of menu items without feeling overwhelmed.

During the rebrand, we also took time to work on simplifying the menu too. We spoke with the restaurant owners about evaluating the menu, and they eliminated some dishes and simplified others.

The Results

We completed the new brand identity, menu design, and restaurant signage design in just under 3 weeks. (This took into account time for our client feedback and edits.) The owners have seen consistent growth since the rebrand and received many positive comments.

Additionally, the staff says the ordering process itself is now MUCH smoother and faster. This leads to a more pleasant customer experience and less stress in the restaurant. We’re so happy we could help Marily’s Mexican Food grow and thrive in our local community.

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