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We updated the brand identity and website for D&R ProTrim in OKC!

We’re very excited to announce the rebranding and new website launch for D&R Pro Trim in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma! We created a new identity design and custom WordPress website theme for this client — complete with careful SEO targeting and fresh copywriting. The new site is fast and SEO optimized!

Check out the new site: D&R Pro Trim — Commerical & Residential Window Tinting

Project Overview

When the owners of D&R Pro Trim came to us, they knew they needed a rebrand of their existing website. They wanted a mostly hands-off approach to the design, so they gave us a lot of creative freedom to make something fresh, modern and easy to navigate.

Goals of the Rebranding

The main goals of the new website were to:

  • Build Confidence — show the 26-year history of the team at D&R Pro Trim & tell their origin story
  • Display Work — show off their recent jobs in a case study gallery that is easy to navigate
  • Present Reviews – highlight the fantastic reviews the company receives, pulling them into their website from several review sites
  • Improve Organic SEO — get more traffic from a highly optimized website
  • Get Clients — make the call to actions clear and inviting

Here’s a screenshot of the original website before the redesign:

oklahoma web design agency - wooster creative

Inspiration Board for the Project

We actually created three different inspiration/mood boards. The one below was the client’s favorite. After the project wraps up, this also is expanded to become the project style guide. It will include all fonts, colors, and imagery we use on the site. It’s a fantastic reference for social media and future branding projects.

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Content Strategy, Keyword Research & SEO Planning

We start every project with careful content strategy. We plan all the information that the client wants to communicate, and we carefully map out how it will be communicated. This starts as lists of what goes on each page, then it continues to develop into UX plans and wireframes.

After we plan the content, we plan the search engine optimization for the site. We do careful research using our favorite keyword research tool, Ahrefs. This then gets turned into spreadsheets of highly competitive keywords that we want to make sure we focus on throughout the copywriting, image naming, and meta descriptions. Our spreadsheets include keyword difficulty, volume, competition, and click-through rate. We also review this with our client in a planning meeting — ensuring we’re all on the same page about exactly which searches we’d like to attract with the new website.

After we finish the UX design, we move into the graphic design, copywriting, and custom development.

The New Website Design

The new website homepage includes call-out for the main avenues of D&R Pro Trim’s business. They wanted the navigation to be easy and foolproof, so users can find what they’re looking for instantly. When visitors land on the page, they see a 50/50 split of commercial and residential services. Those are the two main offerings. Below that are 5 other specialies that D&R Pro Trim provides.

oklahoma web design

It was also important to highlight the very reputable brands that work with D&R Pro Trim! They have an impressive and ever-growing client list.

The compelling origin story of why the two owners who started the business is also featured on the home page. They were driven by their own desire to protect others of the sun’s harmful rays.

We added polish to the site, including dynamic reviews that type out on automation. Since SEO was a concern for the owners (as it should be), we also created lots of content with SEO rich copywriting to describe the history and the business details. Search engines love this content, and potential clients enjoy reading an extensive company description that inspires confidence.

The descriptive copywriting helps D&R Pro Trim win over casual website browsers, turning them into paying customers.

We also pulled in reviews from a variety of online search engines review sites — so users can see them all on their website without having to hunt!

The gallery of work examples elegantly shows off individual jobs in an easy-to-use navigation. Each gallery is a WordPress Custom Post Type (CPT). They load quickly and they are easy to manage. The client can log into the admin area to easily continue to add more case studies each week as they wrap up their jobs!

Every gallery page also has the ability to include multiple images into the work view carousel. The icons below the work examples are customizable in the backend, and the owner can grab the icons to describe the special features of each job.

We also include a whole newly designed services page to show off the key services the business offers. The page has plenty of long-form copy for ensuring search engines will pick it up and index it quickly. We created custom graphics and images as needed for the site.

To help build confidence in visitors considering D&R Pro Trim for a job, we also have a reviews page which includes reviews from a variety of online review sites — all pulled into one central location.

The review page is also important since a section of it encourages happy clients to go and leave a review too.

To help the D&R Pro Trim team avoid answering the same questions over and over again for their clients, we have a dynamic FAQ page. It’s simple for the team to log in to add additional FAQs to the site when they need to in the future.

In Conclusion

The client was very happy with the end result of their newly designed website. They feel it’s already helping to manage their business and attract new clientele.

Check out the new website: D&R Pro Trim — Commerical & Residential Window Tinting

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