This is an abbreviated version of our normal branding or web design service.

Some clients are on a tight budget but still want a professional to handle their branding and website. Others just want the project launched FAST — like in 1-2 weeks, not 6-10. We understand! We’ve also seen clients (who have large budgets) just prefer not to invest in a full brand or web project at this moment. They might need to first get investor buy-in or test a product in the market, so an Intensive is a better option for their needs.

– You have a clear idea of your style direction.
– You’re available to provide quick feedback.
– You’re eager to start a business or elevate an identity.
– You want a professional designer, not a DIY job.
– You love our portfolio and trust our creative decisions.

Clients who require extensive stakeholder feedback or want granular creative control.

Limited revisions & deliverables.
– Client required to attend review meetings.

$1-$4k – depends on the scope

what’s Included in a CUSTOM brand identity design?

Our Custom Brand Identity design is in-depth branding development with strategy. It includes industry research, analysis, and target market analysis to create your brand.

We provide everything you need for a cohesive and engaging identity. It includes custom illustrations, marketing materials, social media design, and packaging.

The process looks like this:

1. Brand Strategy — We study your customers, competition, and what makes you unique to your audience. We identify who you’re connecting with (your target audience) and what you want to communicate, then we create a plan to translate this into visual design.

Brand strategy include:

  • Brand strategy sessions
  • Brand Vision, Mission + Story
  • Positioning + Messaging
  • Competitor Research
  • Brand Attributes + Voice
  • Target Audience Profiles
  • Core Values
  • Customer Journey
  • Brand Goal Alignment
  • Mood boards

2. Visual Identity — After have a strong brand strategy, we create your visual identity. This includes the visuals to communicate your brand. 

  • Logo Suite – Horizontal, Vertical, Symbol + Favicon
  • Logo – Ai (Original Adobe File), PDF, JPG, PNG
  • Color Palette – primary + secondary (Hex Codes)
  • Typography Fonts
  • Styled Imagery – Photos
  • Styled Imagery – Patterns
  • Brand Usage Guide

3. Brand-in-Action — Print and social collateral, or any other requested touchpoints are developed.

– You are not the decision maker and need to check in with several other stakeholders to get their opinions, too.
– You want to gain clarity in your business. (Our strategic and in-depth approach will help define your messaging.)
– You need a comprehensive, strategy-backed, custom brand.
– You may also need packaging design and print collateral.
– You’re ready to invest fully in your business to take it to the next level.
– You’re also not in a time crunch.

The timeline usually takes about 4-8 weeks.

Full Custom Brand Design ranges from $4-$20k, depending on scope of work and amount of collateral needed.

How do I know if you’re the right agency to brand my business?

Our brand and website design services may be right for you if you want to:

  • Attract more clients with branding that resonates with a niche market
  • Get an impeccable website
  • Maintain a cohesive professional appearance across all your media
  • Charge more for your services
  • Feel more confident pitching your services
  • Work 1:1 collaboratively with a highly skilled designer + developer
  • Build a brand that oozes quality
  • Stand out from competitors
  • Tell your story effectively
What if I only want a logo?

We want you to succeed. And we know a full brand identity design will ensure you see results. A logo is a small piece of the puzzle. Read this blog post to learn why your business will benefit from a full brand identity. Logos without strategy are not as likely to help your business. That being said, we’re flexible and want to help businesses of a variety of budgets. Reach out to discuss how we can partner with you.

I already have a logo, can I keep it?

At times, we can adapt and modernize existing logos. Reach out to chat about how we can collaborate!

How Long does a website take?

This depends on the on the scope of the project. Our web intensives are a week. A landing page may take a day. A 5-page brochure website can take a few weeks, depending on feedback and revisions. Large website projects (like this one) may take 8-12 weeks. Reach out and we’ll give you a quote!

what is agile development?

It means we are flexible and prioritize what is most important to our client’s success. We’re also highly collaborative. (So we don’t take your requests, crawl into a cave, and emerge 2 months later with a web application.)

We sell our custom development time in sprints. Our project management process includes holding weekly touch base meetings, sending regular status reports, and running retrospectives. Please read our blog post on Agile for additional information.

how much are your websites?

It really depends on the scope of your project. A single landing page and a corporate site can range from $2,500 to $25,000.

Website design starts with branding. If you have an existing brand, we can use it.

Small entrepreneurial business on a limited budget can take advantage of our Brand Intensive. This is an abbreviated version of our full brand identity service. It delivers a modern brand identity (all logo variations, colors, fonts, image styles, patterns, brand guidelines) in a week. After a Brand Intensive, we can do a Web Intensive or a Custom Website Build.

A Web Intensive starts at $2,700 and can turn around in 3 weeks (including planning time). This is for clients who are new businesses, don’t yet have an online presence, or for other reasons don’t want to invest a lot in their first websites. This process involves giving us prompt feedback and launching quickly.

A Custom Website Build is a design and development project that starts at $4,500 and usually takes 4 weeks to 4 months depending on the level of complexity and the amount of client feedback needed. This is usually for established businesses that have been around for 5+ years, or a new business that wants to do in-depth strategy research, get stakeholder feedback, do user testing, and carefully get the messaging right. All this takes time, so the journey is different.

do I need branding before i do a website?

Yes! If you have an establish brand identity, we can adapt it for your website design. When you’re about to tackle a website design project, it’s an excellent time to take a look at your branding. (A new website won’t fix bad branding that’s not aligned with your target audience.)

We offer a Brand Intensive and Full Custom Branding. Reach out for details and we’ll help you identify which one is best for your business!

when can I contact you for website support?

Our support clients are in our maintenance contracts. They may contact us anytime via phone call or email. We respond within 2 business days. Any security issues are addressed asap.

how much is website support?

We price our website support contracts individually for each client. The price reflects how much care your site requires. Our monthly WordPress website support starts at $75 per month. It includes monthly site care, updates, and 1 hour of content tweaks to your website. Contact us for details!

what platforms do you support?

We build and support websites on WordPress or Shopify. We believe it’s important to stay in our development lane, since this allows us to have a deep knowledge of the technology and specialize. As WordPress and Shopify experts, we offer great value to our clients since they benefit from our 15 years of our experience. Partnering with an experienced web developer results in better quality code, faster load times, and your investment in a website lasts longer. We efficiently handle tasks and development challenges. (A task that might take us one hour could take a newbie developer 10 hours.)

Our team does custom web development, which means we create each site specific to the client and avoid clunky theme builders. We’re skilled at e-commerce development, and can customize checkouts, build company membership areas, and give you the website your business needs. Our websites are created specific your brand strategy and market needs.

A times, clients approach to us with SquareSpace and Wix sites that just need minor edits, and we’ll assist as one-off projects.

can you help with email marketing for my website?

Yes! We help with email marketing, social media graphics, blog post writing and SEO. Reach out for details.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, payment plans are offered to select clients. Typically a project is broken up into 2-3 payments for a branding and web design.

For an ongoing custom development project, we work in sprints of 40 hours. In this case, we typically bill per sprint.


You bet! These are a few things that make our lives joyful.

WordPres Web Hosting
We’re big fans of SiteGround and WP Engine for affordable, highly professional hosting stacks.

After 15 years of using other Project Management software, we never found the perfect one. So we built our own in Notion. If you want total freedom to get it right, Notion is for you.

Client Invoices
We’ve used Harvest, Bonsai, Dubsado, and Freshbooks… we came back to HoneyBook for the good UI design, smooth process, easy proposals, and fast load times.

For ecomm websites, we are firmly committed to Shopify.

Business Credit Card
We trade in all our CapitalOne Venture points for travel to our next hiking destination — exploring national parks is what helps us stay sane.

Gravity Forms
WordPress websites need solid form integration, and no one does it better than Gravity Forms.

Have another question? Get in touch!