Leave Your Rut: Cool Font Tool

Leave Your Rut: Cool Font Tool

Font Combination Tool

You pick out one font but are still looking for another one. You read article after article on fonts. But nothing really jives. Here’s some help: this font matching tool can be used to find some inspiration or just kick you from the rut you’re sitting in now. Trust me, I understand. Picking out a font can feel like naming your firstborn kid. There are oceans of them, and sometimes none “feel right” for the brand. The Arvo matches were actually really useful for me today.

Check out Bold Web Design’s font matcher.

Some other popular matches:

  1. Playfair Display with Source Sans Pro
  2. Merriweather with Oswald
  3. Montserrat with Merriweather
  4. Raleway with Lato
  5. Elsie with Roboto
  6. Dancing Script with Josefin Sans
  7. Abril Fatface with Roboto
  8. Amaranth with Open Sans
  9. Palanquin with Roboto
  10. Sansita with Open Sans

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