New Launch: AlleShield Brand & Website

Allergy Website - Medical Website in WordPress by Wooster Creative

Say good-bye to allergies! We launched a new medical brand and website showcasing a product that can help seasonal sniffles.

We’re excited to launch the brand and website for the AlleShield medical product! We’re thrilled to be working with this great medical team that aims to end the relentless battle so many face with allergies.

Project Overview

The project goal was to create a new brand and website for AlleShield product. The company needed to achieve two main objectives: 1) Educate potential patients, and 2) Educate doctors of the AlleShield option for treatment.

The goal of the website is to let all visitors know that AlleShield is available through a doctor. It’s a natural option—and even better—a permanent treatment for allergies. We’re proud of how clearly the new site communicates with audiences.

(AlleShield brand was acquired and website is no longer live.)

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