Hosting for Your Website: Advice on Managed WordPress Hosting

What are our highly recommended WordPress hosting options?

Wooster Creative will build you a stunning, knock your sox off website. However, we do not host your website for you. For this, we recommend using one of our recommended managed WordPress hosting partners.

Most of the sites we build are in WordPress. For newbies, WordPress is a fantastic content management system (CMS) that allows you to manage your pages and your content on your website easily. Indeed, that means after we finish your site and deliver it to you, you can jump in any day of the week and change your pictures, your copywriting or anything else we’ve built you. WordPress is wildly popular, and it currently controls about 26% of the internet. WordPress runs small mom & pop sites, and it’s also running giant websites you might never have guessed. (Try TimeInc., Bata, BestBuyFortuneReutersWall Street Journal, just to name a few.) It’s stable, it’s easy to use, and people like it! 🙂

While we build your site, we work on our development staging servers. (This is a private server only our clients have access to.) So you can take sneak peeks at our website as it progresses, and approve everything before it goes live. Sometime before we launch your website, we initiate a discussion with you about who you’d like to have host it.

So how do you select a host for your WordPress site?

We want the best for our clients. That’s why we firmly recommend you go with a managed WordPress hosting solution. Why’s that? Simply put: Focus on your business. Leave WordPress to the experts.

Managing and hosting a website is VERY complicated, time-consuming, and takes your focus away from the business at hand. You either have to do it yourself, or you need to hire a support developer to take care of it.

Think about this situation: what do you do if your site is hacked (eeeek!) and Google decides to blacklist it? You’ll need to then engage a developer to troubleshoot it and correct the situation. Not fun.

How about this: What if slow load times and performance result in massive SEO penalties? What if no one can actually find your site through search? Not good.

Benefits of Using a Managed WordPress Hosting

The reasons for using a managed WordPress host are many, among the most important are:

  • Security
    Your site will be scanned for malware and insecure plugins.
  • Scalability
    If your site traffic takes off, it’s easy to contact your host and tell them to ‘scale you up’.
  • Speed
    Managed WordPress hosts are able to more reliably handle your speed, and they have the resources and the team in place to address and troubleshoot speed issues you might encounter. (They don’t usually even charge you to address this off the bat.)
  • Service & Support
    If you run into any trouble with your site, you don’t need to hire a development team to immediately jump in since the support service offered by managed WordPress companies is (for the most part) very thoughtful and customs oriented.

Picking Managed WordPress Hosting

A managed WordPress hosting provider helps you overcome all of those challenges and more. Learn more about managed WordPress hosting from our partners. We’ve worked with all the big hosting companies, and we know the ins and out of the better (and not so great) hosting options out there.

We recommend the following vendors:

Using the link above, you can get 4 months off your annual price for WP Engine or a 50% off for SiteGround. We have used these guys for over 15 years, and we’ve seem them in all kinds of situations. We only recommended people we trust and have vetted.

What kind of advice will our team offer you about hosting? If you talk to our team, we’ll discuss your traffic, your budget and your goals for your website. Working with you, we’re happy to offer hosting recommendations that will provide you with the technology you need—while not breaking your budget.

Have questions about hosting your website? Drop a line! We’d love to chat.

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