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Connecting doctors with patients who need their specialty.

Brand Strategy + Medical WordPress Website Design for MedLeading*

*This company has since been acquired.

Wooster worked collaboratively with the internal team at MedLeading to build a brand strategy, visual identity and medical WordPress website design from the ground up. We began with extensive brand research and competitive analysis, identifying opportunities for expansion and connection with their audience. The identity is aligned with MedLeading’s focus of delivering an enjoyable and peaceful experience to doctors and new patients.

The result is a sophisticated brand that is equally premium and human. A refined logotype and simplified color palette lay the foundation of the brand, while soft watercolor and intimate photography of real people bring a personal touch to expand the visual system. Documented style guidelines provided a flexible foundation for the brand to evolve with the company as they expand.

Bringing an Online Medical Connection Service Life

The Challenge: Many doctors are searching for patients who need their specialty. How do they find a patient, possibly in their own zip code, who is looking for their unique skills? The patient maybe spend hours searching on Google but never find this doctor around the block.

The Solution: The MedLeading online service takes the job of looking for new patients off the shoulders of the doctors—so they can focus on treating patients. The experts at MedLeading work with doctors to identify their ideal patient, then they bring those perfect patients into their practices.

Our Role: Wooster Creative developed the brand identity from the ground up. During our discovery sessions, we created a brand strategy for the project. Next, we worked with the client to create a unique, modern logo. This included several rounds of selecting colors and font typefaces and testing them on user groups for feedback an reactions.

We created a flexible and highly professional medical WordPress website design. The end result is a site that is easy for the client to update. It’s also a powerful SEO marketing tool.

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medical WordPress website design - MedLeading - OKC website was designed by Wooster Creative and acquired in 2020 by another another medical brand.

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