New Launch: Novagen Diagnostics Website Design

New Launch: Novagen Diagnostics Website Design

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new website redesign project! We launched Novagen Diagnostics last month.

Overview of Project:

  • Content Strategy
  • Custom Website Design (including full wireframes & mockups)
  • Custom Theme Developed with WordPress
  • SEO Targeted & Optimized (Great Yoast scores!)
  • Performance Enhanced for Google Speed Tests
  • Custom Post Types (Check out examples on the FAQs & the Success Stories & the Careers page)
  • Mobile Responsive (love that menu!)

This medical company specializes in niche medical products and services for physicians. We highlight two of their main programs on the programs page here. Take a peek at a screenshot:

Web Development - Medical Website Development Oklahoma


Sleek mobile responsive menu:

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