New Launch: Triple B Oilfield Services Website

new site and brand for Wordpress website. - Oilfield services website

How did we approach a quick oilfield services website redesign?

Recently Triple B Oilfield Services approached us to revamp their website. This legacy oilfield company in Western Oklahoma has served the area for decades. The, provide oilfield support services over a wide. We wanted to show off their trusted legacy and their modern approach to oilfield work.

We started by taking an inventory of the existing content on their website. Which copy was still relevant? What information were they most concerned with communicating to their audiences?

After reviewing the background and goals of their company, we structured their content. During this process, we decided to take new sunset photos at the business office. This was to show off their new equipment and to take high-res photos that could be treated with vintage photo filters. The end result is a hip, modern feel for the website.

Home Page

The home page on this introduces the oilfield company visitors. To start, we have a brief intro section of copy, we also included interesting stats about the oilfield company. We called out reasons why they’re unique and special.


About Page

We wanted the about page to give a quick and easy (read: digestible) overview of Triple B Oilfield Services. To accomplish this, we included a timeline. It highlights how Triple B has served the area over a long period of time.


Services Page

The services page shows off new photos of the Triple B equipment and space. Below you can see an easy-to-read overview of the services they offer, along with mobile responsive animated icons—adding detail and a nice modern touch to the site. These simple, subtle, yet sophisticated animations lend a vibe of high-end style to the site that inspires visitors to trust this company.

Oilfield services website

In Conclusion

Our client was very happy with their new site, and Wooster Creative is now providing ongoing website maintenance and support for them. We’re honored to work on this well-known community business site, and we look forward to continuing to support them into the future!

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