AlleShield: Brand, Print & Website Design

AlleShield: Brand, Print & Website Design

So many people today suffer non-stop with allergies. It afflicts everyone from young children to adults. While allergy treatments vary, there are few permanent options given to patients.

Project Overview

When the team behind AlleShield approached us to help create their online identity, we were excited to be a part of something with the potential to help so many folks.

Research & Content Strategy

We started by reading all the medical information we had about AlleShield.  How does it help its patients? How do doctors know to offer it to patients as an option? We took the content provided to our team about the medicine, and worked to massage it into easily digestible web copy. It was a matter of sifting down information—less is more, and we wanted the main focal message to be crystal clear.

Website Design & Development

We worked with the client to understand the initial emotions the site was supposed to give visitors: airy, light, free, able-to-breathe. To accomplish this, we decided to go with a beautiful HTML5 video scene.

The next challenge was to feed visitors content that felt effortless to read. We organized sections aimed at patients and doctors. To keep the education experience fluid and effortless, we decided a 1-page site with jump menus was the best solution.

Check out the site here:

Or take a peek at the screenshots below.


Print & Marketing

After the website launched, we also created posters, flyers, brochures and other print materials to support the brand.

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