Dakota Cams: Logo & Website

Dakota Cams: Logo & Website

Project Overview

Dakota Cams is a parent brand for several surveillance companies in North Dakota. Their child brands already had their own websites — including Cattle Cams. However, Dakota Cams needed an online presence.

Why? Well, Dakota Cams wanted farmers and ranchers searching for reliable and reputable farm camera systems to know how legitimate and widespread their brand is. The goal of the Dakota Cams website was for folks to easily see this is the “mother” of the Farm Cams and Cattle Cams suveillance brands. (Inspiring confidence in their reputation!)

To meet their needs, Wooster Creative developed a branding package unique to Dakota Cams; and then we built a landing page website for collect interest and direct visitors to their other “child brand” websites. This provides an online (and offline) presence for the Dakota Cams brand.

Branding & Logo

The Dakota Cams brand needed to portray the solid and trustworthy services they offer. Wooster Creative designed a branding package for them.



Website Design

We created two different versions for our client, since he wanted to explore going in different design aethetic directions.


Design Mockup #1

We went through a couple of versions of the homepage mockup. This was to help the Dakota Cams brand find her true voice and identity.

Design Mockup #2 - Wooster Creative Website Design North Dakota Website Agency


Design Mockup #2


Cattle Cams and Dakota Cams Web Design - Wooster Creative - Website Design Company


Check out the newly launched site: http://dakotacams.com/

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