Marily’s Mexican Food

Marily’s Mexican Food

We love this Mexican restaurant so much! The food is the best there. However, the menu was a little confusing. We offered to rebrand her logo and create new menus for this place. The wonderful owner, Olivia, was a joy to work with along the way. We dusted off our Spanish vocabulary and created a clear menu with a crisp modern vibe.

  • Logo Design
  • Menu Design
  • Outside Signage
  • Indoor Signage
  • Print Design
  • Business Cards





Here’s the before picture:

The new menus include nice, bright photos, and bilingual descriptions in a punchy modern font that’s easy for all to read. If you’re ever in Oklahoma, come by Marily’s for the best Chili Relleno in green sauce you’ll ever taste. Buen provecho!

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