Troy Rhone Gardens: Web Design & SEO Strategy

Troy Rhone Gardens: Web Design & SEO Strategy



Troy Rhone had a simple SquareSpace website for his garden designs, but the website was not ranking for any SEO value. He also had many press articles that had never been turned into blog posts. These new items were not searchable by search engines. The press articles really highlight Troy as a leader in the garden design industry, and they tell the story of his journey creating stunning garden designs over the years. They needed to be turned into easy-to-read content and be searchable as blog posts. He didn’t want a complicated or heavily designed site, but rather he wanted to keep the focus on the gardens and their natural beauty.

Our Solution:

Content Strategy: We started with a content strategy. This involved outlining how content would be presented and which audiences we would target. After we had a clear idea of what our goals were, we began keyword research to identify the audiences that Troy Rhone wanted to go after. The end result was a SEO audit and keyword research plan for creating and analyzing content.

Website Design & Build: The next step was the website. We created an elegant and minimalist website, based on his original design requests. We made the whole site very lightweight from scratch using Underscore. (Since there was no purchased WordPress theme out-of-the-box, so the site is fast and lightweight — it’s got no extra baggage.) We took the garden images and enhanced, resized, and compressed them to load as quickly as possible on all devices.

SEO: The whole site is also optimized for SEO using Yoast. We took the keyword research that we did at the beginning of the project and built the site to target Troy’s specific audiences. Every page is keyword rich — from image names to alt tags, post titles, and meta descriptions.

The 30 press articles were digitized and turned into downloadable files. To give the site powerful SEO value, we also wrote a mini-blog post intro for each of the press articles also targeting Troy Rhone’s keywords.

Social Tie-In: We also wanted to make sure Troy was promoting the new designs he is creating every week. To help this happen, we integrated his Instagram feed. Not only did we integrate his Instagram feed, we used a plugin that creates new content out of every new Instagram post. (Read: SEO gold mine!) So, now in addition to showing off his new plants and gardens for his audiences, he is also making new content for his website each time he posts. All the new Instagram content becomes a permanent part of his WordPress website — integrated as posts.

End Result:

The new website is quickly climbing in the ranks for SEO. (We’re addicted to checking on it daily!) The news section shows off the legacy of Troy’s designs, and visitors can quickly peruse stunning examples of his garden artistry.

The client has engaged us for ongoing work, and we’re continuing to grow and improve his website together.

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