Touch of Glamour: Branding & Logo Design

Touch of Glamour: Branding & Logo Design

A Boutique Salon: Vintage Branding Flair

How do you help a boutique hair salon stand out? Craft a custom identity with flair! The Touch of Glamour salon is a special place, with a staff that cares deeply about the style of everyone who walks in the door. We got to know their classy clientele and their fabulous staff.

Since the salon caters to a elegant women who love classic looks, we created a vintage branding package. The vintage branding connects with their key audience and is definitely timeless. Since the salon owners love the 1960s era, we went with a classic 1960s color palate, incorporating fun accent colors and fresh design.

Deliverables: As part of the branding package, we developed custom business cards, invoices, logos for web, and other digital assets.Hair Salon Vintage Branding
Vintage Branding Logo Design - Hair Salon


Custom Website Branding

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