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We’re experienced web designers, web developers, and brand strategists. If you’re looking for an intelligent partner to grow your brand and solve your tech problems, there’s a good chance that we’re made for each other. Care and attention to detail go into everything we create.

Impress your customers with a brand + website you can be proud of.


  • Brand Research
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Visuals
  • Style Guides
  • Launch Guide


  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Web Application
  • Analytics
  • SEO Research
  • SEO Implmentation


  • Web Support
  • Web Security
  • Web Accessibility
  • Site Speed
  • Social Media

Learn how we work agile.

Violette Calhoun


Violette Calhoun is an Art Director who builds harmonious brands and user experiences. She creates elegant brands with warmth and wisdom from a decade of experience. She’s passionate about creating web applications that delight users and feel effortless. Specializing in timeless, modern design, she’ll get to the core of your brand’s messaging and provide a clear experience for your audience.

Before co-founding Wooster Creative, Violette was a project manager and content strategist for WordPress and Ruby on Rails agencies. Design always follows content, so engage her to delve into the “why” behind your company and build a brand that connects with your audience.

Web development expert and lead developer, Ben Calhoun.

Ben Calhoun


Ben Calhoun is a programmer driven to fix problems. His sense of perfectionism and a desire to create effortlessly useful things inspire him to architect beautiful products for customers. He’s passionate about clean code and staying on top of industry trends for programming. He co-founded Wooster Creative to give small to medium-sized businesses the best experience with custom development—which he feels all businesses deserve.

His programming languages include PHP, HTML, CSS, React, JavaScript, JQuery…. and the list keeps growing. He is a WordPress expert, and his team specializes in WordPress and Shopify. Custom solutions are his main focus, so if your business needs a problem fixed with a unique development strategy, Ben’s ready to help you plan the best approach.

Nina Schumann


Nina Schumann is a gifted storyteller, copywriter, and content creator. She also wears multiple hats and assists with project management. Her ongoing desire to understand which content really works (and what doesn’t) results in engaging websites. Copywriting is an art and Nina applies her skills to our projects beautifully. Her fluff-free copy for websites, landing pages, and social media is a powerful tool for our clients. She’s the brain behind our clients’ content for blogs, newsletters, and high-converting landing pages. As she tells your brand story and engages your readers—watch your viewers convert into buyers. 


The concept of ‘core values’ can sound overused and trite at times. But honestly — these thoughts mean a lot to us. We aim to live by them every day.

Fix the real problem.

The real problem often is not the obvious problem. Figure out what it is and solve it.

Make beautiful things.

We love to make beautiful products that people love to use. If we don’t love it, we keep working on it.

Feeling uncomfortable + choosing courage.

To deliver the best solutions, we have to try new things. Embrace the fear, walk into the dark room and turn on the light. Growth is good.

Be passionate + be yourself.

Embrace the weird part of your unique self. Yes, we’re a bit nutty. But instead of just copying others, we’re aiming to let our unique self speak. Therein lies the potential for greatness.

Do small things with great quality.

Make little things with quality, and the big thing turns out fantastic. Doing quality work brings us deep personal satisfaction.

Enjoy being alive.

Enjoy the process of living. Every minute of the day is a gift, even the challenging parts. So enjoy what’s around us and have a sense of humor.

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