Why Great Web Writing Is Important (& Difficult)

I know my business and niche well — so why is copywriting content so hard?

Do you feel like you know your business and niche industry well? It seems logical you would be able to crank out several pages worth of interesting copywriting content. But do you sit down in front of the laptop and stare mindlessly at the blank screen? Do you feel the blinking cursor is mocking you? Why is web content writing so tough?

If you’ve found yourself here, let us help you. We can create riveting pages full of information about your business. We’ll delve into your products, think deeply about your services, and work to communicate your passions to your potential clients.

Make Your Copy Represent!

Crafting content on your web pages that is easily understood is good for business. It represents you well, it helps clients understand what you really offer, and it makes search engines happy. Overall, it just makes your website a valuable marketing tool. Your web content it like an ambassador for your business, and if it’s not sharp and well presented—you lose sales.

Writing excellent copy on your website is one of the most important things you can do for your business.

Why Web Content Writing Is Challenging

Sometimes business owners are so close to their business, and so proud of their business, that it’s hard to step back and communicate its value clearly. It’s hard to isolate what needs to be put front-and-center for new visitors. And frankly, it’s hard to know how to write for search engines. Crafting web copy is not a skill learned overnight, but targeted web content writing makes a huge difference in the effectiveness of your site.

Content is King: Inspire Confidence with Copy

Is your website copy conversational, clean, and succinct? Or is it laden with errors, long paragraphs, or weird text? Does your copy include keyword research to target SEO well? Does your content truly represent your business or organization? If the answer is no—then it’s time for an overhaul.

Communication with error-free content and copy is one of the best ways to promote your business. It’s a free PR tool at your disposal—even if it takes effort. (And yes, it does take effort.) If you take the time to get your copy correct, you’re telling your potential customers you’ll take the time to get your service or product right.

Shareable blog posts are also an important content tool–to promote you with customers and for SEO. Writing good copy helps you get backlinks, promotes trust, and inspires brand loyalty (come on, who wants to give a credit card to a business that does not know how to use an apostrophe and can’t differentiate between they’re/their/there?)

With so many organizations competing for high rankings on search engine results pages, it’s important that your copywriting and web content writing communicate your true value and capture attention quickly. Let Wooster Creative help you stand out in your industry!

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