❤ Website Roundup July 2018: New Websites We Love This Summer ☀

favorite websites of july 2018

Here’s a quick round up of the websites I’m loving this month.

These are my favorite websites of July 2018.

I research a lot of design blogs and award sites, and these are some that stood out to me this month. They have a certain charm that just makes me want to keep looking. Hats off to you all!

Margaux – This shoe brand website is so alive and beautiful!


La Ligne – Wow, the photography and the fresh modern layout draw me back to this site again and again. Love the charcoal like brush strokes. #coolvibes


Tens – The fun vintage vibe strikes a totally modern chord. Love how they made a simple shop so cool. Also, fun use of marigold colors!


Pill Pack – For a medication website, this rocks! It’s so fresh and clean and invigorating. I wish every doctor’s visit gave me the same feeling this website does.


Meet Blume – I just adore the use of modern art lines & the warm gold tones. Feel so Henri Mattisse.


Chica Brava – This website isn’t my personal style, but I really admire the fresh, earthy, fun surf vibe they accomplished. So clean, direct, beautiful, and communicative!


Tabasco – You’re just adorable, Tabasco website. Love how fresh, modern, and right on point all the accents on this site are. #amazingfoodpics The recipe page is nicely organized, and the whole site is easy to navigate with nice content strategy.


Cats of Berlin – What a fun and colorful idea!

Mind Sparkle Mag – I have a serious crush on your colors. Just so pretty. Love how calm and easy this editorial layout is.


Hire Level – Wow, hand’s down the cutest staffing website I’ve ever seen. Just the fresh color and beautiful, even balance. Nice work folks, nice work!


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