Welcoming 2017 (& What We Loved in 2016)

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A big ‘thanks’ to all our 2016 clients!

Thank you to all of our clients in 2016. We love each of you & working with you is truly a pleasure!

As 2016 winds down…what are we taking into 2017? 

Our team took on a wide array of projects last year—from design to development to content and SEO—we dove in headfirst with confidence and passion for our craft. This was both exhilarating and overwhelming at times.

Learning is a constant part of our industry, and the Wooster Creative team is always hungry to grow in knowledge and develop expertise. We firmly believe that investing in our own education is a constant investment in our client work. So some of our favorite parts of 2016 were actually our efforts to continually expand our own knowledge and grow in our skills.

What Went Well…

We worked with a wide array of clients, from Financial Security to Window Washers and Wedding Photographers.

  1. We loved how flexible and tailored we were able to be for our clients.
  2. Our self-investment into our own professional development was great.
  3. We left our clients happy & satisfied after projects. (Always nice!)
  4. We stayed busy — a business must have clients!
  5. We got better at saying ‘no’ to projects that were not a good fit for our team.


What We’re Taking into 2017…

  1. Our goal for 2017 is to specialize in SEO as a niche for our clients. Offering targeted SEO services will help to really make our clients’ sites a powerhouse for business growth. This is a no-brainer in some ways, since we have a background in this industry. But it does involve turning down other work to specialize. It’s a conscious decision to give a more complete service to niche clients, and we feel it’s the right path.
  2. Scheduled breaks are needed. Burn out is real, people. So part of our mental wellness plan for 2017 is to make sure we take time regularly off to recoup and step away from our business.
  3. Launch first, then iterate. The importance of launching a site, design, product… whatever, then iterating on it can not be over-emphasized. So one goal for 2017 is to stick to our guns, help our clients control feature add-on fever (aka scope creep) and really help launch, user test, and iterate on projects.


We’re excited and revitalized by the prospect of a new year. Wooster Creative is a business built on a passion for beautiful design and code. It’s also a lifestyle business and a creative outlet for us. Our clients are more than just a job;  we view them as partners on a path in life. So thank you for working with us — we look forward to the joys & adventure that await in 2017!

As we say adieu to 2016, we’re taking the best lessons with us & facing the new year with optimistic fresh eyes. 

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